General terms and conditions for boat accommodation in Marini Dolores

The General Terms of Use of the Connection (hereinafter: the Terms) shall apply to the conclusion of the Connection Agreement and shall form an integral part thereof.

The terms apply and apply to all users of berths, boat owners and their authorized persons.

Article 1.

Marina makes a berth for the vessel and can move the boat as needed.

Article 2

It is considered that the service provided is provided if the vessel is located in the Marine area, a contract on the use of the berth, the chartered boat keys, as well as all the documentation necessary for the accommodation of the vessel.

Article 3

By taking the ship's documentation permitting departure from the User of the berth, the owner of the vessel or their proxies it is considered that the vessel has been taken over and that Marina is relieved of any responsibility.

Article 4

The user of the berth or his authorized representative as a vessel user shall be obliged to:

- make a copy of the certificate of the vessel, a copy of the personal identification document or another document, a vignette, a copy of the ship insurance document when making a connection agreement.

- comply with these Terms. Due to non-compliance, Marina may cancel the right to use the connection.
- report any change of equipment on the Inventory List
- Ship keyboards regularly give up at Marine Office. For a vessel whose keys are not in Marine's office, Marina does not answer.
- abide by the applicable regulations regarding the stay and navigation within the borders of the coastal waters of the Republic of Croatia
- provide technical documentation on the vessel's work on the vessel, from which it is possible to accurately discern the way of solving the technical task
- in particular, when lifting a boat, warn of equipment on the underwater part of the vessel and provide accurate position information

- Marina has the right to carry out vessel measurement from one of the two most distant points of the vessel, regardless of what is stated in the vessel's documentation

Article 5

Marina is not obliged to compensate for damages or liability in the following cases:

- damage to the vessel resulting from the malicious procedure or negligence of the owner or user, crew or other persons on board,
- damages resulting from lack of maintenance, neglect or shortage of vessels or equipment
- damages as a result of hidden shortage on the boat, - damages caused by rodents

- damage to the equipment or the disappearance of equipment not in the inventory list
- damages caused by improper or overdue electrical, gas or plumbing installations on the vessel
- damages resulting from non-compliance with the terms of business

- damages resulting from non-compliance with customs, port and other regulations, - damages caused by third parties by their act or omission

- battery validity on board

Article 6

The Marina shall not be held liable if damage to the vessel or any part of it is caused by force majeure.

Exceptional external circumstances that arise after the conclusion of the Agreement are considered under the force of force, and can not, for example, be avoided: orchid, earthquake, etc.

Article 7

With the expiry date of the Yacht Charter Agreement it shall terminate any Marine liability with respect to the vessel, and any damages incurred after the expiration of the Contract shall be made to the User's account.
From the date of termination of the Accommodation Agreement, the Marina will be charged for the connection on the day of connection, according to the valid Marine Price List.

Article 8

The user of the connection to Marina can not permanently or temporarily rent the connection to third parties.

Article 9

Payment for boat accommodation is carried out in advance for the following season.
The Marina has the right of retention and the pledge on the vessel and the equipment for all outstanding claims.

Furthermore, the Contracting Parties agree that Marina shall have the right, in the event of unpaid settlements, to move the vessel without the consent of the Beneficiary and to refuse any further services until the total receivables by the Borrower are fully recovered.

If the User does not comply with his obligations towards the Marina at the expiration of 60 days after the expiration of the validity of the stay, Marina shall initiate the legal proceedings and request the right to charge the claim for the sale of the vessel or its parts.

In case of non-payment of fees in timely manner, the rate of legally prescribed interest shall be calculated, which shall be calculated and charged in accordance with the legal regulations of the Republic of Croatia.

Article 10

Shunting boats from Marine does not deny the connection price.

Article 11

It is not permissible, without proper remuneration, to carry out works on Marine space by other companies or persons.

Article 12

Use of vessels by non-users or owners of vessels is only possible with the written consent of the user or the owner.

Works that the User links or his / her proxy order out of contractual obligations are paid immediately upon completion of work and upon receipt of invoice.

Article 13

The right privileges to intervene on a vessel have vessels that the Marina fully carries out.

Article 14

Any complaint by the ordering party is required in writing